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Safe to Touch


Our Promise

At GREENROCK, we think batteries should be safe enough to live with, offering storage solutions that you can trust for your home, your business, and your life. Our energy solutions are free from harmful substances, and are non-toxic, even at their end-of-life cycle. As we like to say, "Our batteries so safe, they're almost boring."

Energy Storage, at a glance.


15+ years


7.5 - 40 kWh

Modular Capabilities

Expandable and Scalable

PV Coupling

AC, DC, & Off-Grid Capabilities


Singe, Dual, and Three Phase


Plug & Play

Depth of Discharge

80 percent


5000 at 80 percent DOD

Clean Energy Meets Clean Storage.

We offer storage solutions sizes for all of your needs. With expandable and scalable modules, GREENROCK battery systems fit everything from small, personal units, to business and industrial-sized needs.

* Batteries paired with Outback equipment in complete systems

GREENROCK Batteries meet Living Building Challenge standards.

In 2020 BlueSky USA installed a 90kWh system, becoming the first energy storage solution of its size to meet the Living Building Challenge standards—setting a precedent for the highest clean energy standards in the industry.

System Sizing


10 kWh

2 kW Continuous for 5 hours

500W Continuous for 20 hours

4 batteries
Optimal size for 800sgft home | 2 People


15 kWh

3 kW continuous for 5 hours

750W Continuous for 20 hours

6 batteries
Optimal size for 1200sgft home | Small Family


25 kWh

5 kW continuous for 5 hours

1250W Continuous for 20 hours

10 batteries
Optimal size for 2000sgft home | Large Family


30 kWh

6 kW continuous for 5 hours

1500W Continuous for 20 hours

12 batteries
Optimal size for 3000sgft space | Small Business


40 kWh

8 kW continuous for 5 hours

2kW Continuous for 20 hours

16 batteries
Optimal size for 5000sgft space | Medium Business

** Beauty covers available upon request

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