LiFeP04 Discover Batteries

Made from safe new Lithium Ion technology, Discover Advanced Energy (AES) batteries allow for equipment design and functionality improvements and deliver productivity gains through enhanced cycling, charge time and weight reductions in stationary and mobile applications. Dramatic improvements in cycle life and charge efficiency combined with zero maintenance requirements provide the end user with significant cost of ownership savings.


LiFeP04 Discover Battery Specifications

* Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V
* Charge Voltage: 54.4 V
* Maximum Voltage*: 58.4 V
* Minimum Voltage: 44.8 V
* Nominal Capacity (1C): 130 Ah
* Nominal Energy (1C): 6656 Wh
* Max Continuous Current: 130 Adc
* Peak Current: 300 Adc (3 seconds)
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