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Become a Regional Installation Partner

We are now accepting businesses and candidates with experience in renewable energy, electric, storage, and general entrepreneurship as potential GREENROCK installation partners. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

The GREENROCK Difference

Responsibly Built

Our batteries are made from safe, common, low-cost, low-impact materials.

Phase Variety

Our products are available as single, dual, and three phase systems, allowing for greater flexibility for the consumer.

Easy Installation

Our systems feature Plug & Play installation, and tried-and-true Outback Power equipment pairing.

Full Flexibility

Our systems offer the consumer full coupling flexibility with grid-tied AC, and DC on and off grid coupling.

PV Consultations

We can assist installers with PV recommendations, and offer insights into case-based PV strings and sizing.

The Green Difference

Our batteries are the cleanest, greenest product on the market, without any special requirements at the end of life cycle.